The other day when I was driving home from the grocery store, a man passing me on the right literally (while still driving at 60mph) turned his head out the window and stared at me for a solid 5 seconds. At first I was more concerned about his safety than anything else. He glanced back to the road and then did a double take. Almost instantly, my ‘don’t mess with me because I am from Boston and my road rage is fierce’ attitude came out and I felt the urge to flip the ignorant being off. But I didn’t.

Naturally, before I even got to my house, my negative thoughts stepped in and all of the stories swam through my head all at once.

To the average person, I am different. In the minds of others, something is wrong with me, I am not normal. Those ignorant, uninformed individuals can’t just settle with me being [looking like] me. They need an explanation, a reason maybe even an over the top story as to how and why it all is the way it is; I don’t know. But simply being me is not enough in their eyes…

Well guess what?! I am enough in my own eyes and that is all that matters. Period.


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