‘Little K’

At this point in my life I have racked up quite the list of nicknames. Those included on this ‘list’ have all been deemed fitting, appropriate and loving by me. Those that don’t fit the criteria are strongly discouraged and if they are used, there are consequences.

At work, there are two Kristen(s). One of us towers over the other and as much as I would LOVE to tell you I am that Kristen, I would be lying through my teeth. Thus we have adopted two very appropriate nicknames, Little K and Big K.

That is all ‘Little K’ has ever meant, a simple nickname.

Lately I have had to remind myself that only I create the negative meanings/thoughts/feelings surrounding any of the names that other people choose to call me. Little bit, shorty, little lady… Not bad at all right? I mean, I could totally think of worse ones. Most of the time these nicknames are endearing. When and if they aren’t… well, I take those moments as a grain of sand on the beach of life. When I feel the need, I say something. Otherwise I ignore it and move on.

All the while reminding myself that people’s words are not influenced by me, Kristen, as a person.


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