True Story

True Story:

While visiting with Jojo, the little boy I met whilst living in WPB, and some other Paley patients I was approached by a woman. She, her daughter and grandson were just visiting south Florida. They had taken note of all the Paley patients at the hotel with external fixators and various diagnoses.
“Can I ask you a question?”
My obvious reply was, “Yes.”
“Are you what they call a success story? I saw you walking – you don’t limp. You’re scars are beautiful. You are beautiful.” {Then she began to cry}
I really wasn’t even sure how to respond. You know, I didn’t want to toot my own horn. But looking into the woman’s eyes I had to be honest, she deserved to know.
“Yes I am,” I said with a smile and tears welling in my eyes.
“What’s your name?” She asked me.
{as if we read each other’s minds, we hugged}
“Nice to meet you Kristen.”

That was it. She gave a little wave and turned to go to her room.

Boom. Speechless.


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