Africa. Fifteen days. Ho-Ly-Shit.

It’s beginning to hit me. And I know I will really feel it come Later today when I get my vaccinations. You would think that after all of the hardware that I have had in my arms and legs that a shot would be a piece of cake. You would think… So not the case. Just thinking about it makes me shutter and I will be anxious until the stupid things are done and over with. And of course, after all is said and done, I will then feel like a complete dufus for overreacting. You have my word on that.

Definitely, the most difficult part of this whole pre-trip preparation has been the fundraising. Asking for help is hard but asking people for money is harder. All through college I worked hard to raise money for the CofC club crew team (we weren’t funded by the school) and the past couple years I have been a huge supporter of the Paley Foundation.

So this time around, I had to think outside of the box. Thanks to some wonderful connections, I have been very successful in getting financial help. Ask and you shall receive.

Last Wednesday, a local restaurant offered to donate 10% of the nights proceeds to my fundraising between 5-10pm. My Charleston family blew me away with all if the support. So many people came out to eat and it was awesome to have so many people that I care about all in one place. It was a success.

However, my most recent fundraising event takes the cake. My favorite local art gallery, Robert Lange Studios, allowed me to use their upstairs space for a candlelit yoga class on the full moon.


Elli, My Holistic Coach, agreed to lead the practice. I couldn’t have asked for a better practice. There was so much love and light in one room. Somewhere between the oms, downward dogs, giggles and breath, I realized how truly lucky I am to live in a city full of willing individuals. It is said that the full moon pours down a tremendous amount of energy – amen to that. The loving energy Monday night was intensified and I loved every bit of it.

So. Much. Love.

One of the best parts of the whole night? A full moon, candlelit, three-way hug with two powerful women I am so lucky to have in my life.


I haven’t quite met my goal. But I am confident that I will. There is still time. If you feel lead to, visit my site. Share it.

Africa, here I come.

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