The First 48 hours

Wow. It is day 2 in this beautiful country and I don’t even know where to begin. First, I promised to limit my connection with the outside world while here so the posts will be short and sweet.

The travel here was HARD just downright hard. Sleep deprivation took on a whole new meaning yesterday. But the important thing – we arrived safe and sound to a beautiful hotel in Masindi Kitara. Last night, after almost 20 hours if travel, we arrived to a beautiful and delicious dinner around 9pm (we are 8 hrs ahead of the east coast). By 11 we had all finally gotten into our beds. But I was so over tired that I tossed and turned the majority of the night.

This morning I woke up under my beautiful mosquito net “canopy bed” and almost had to pinch myself. We made it. After fighting with the shower, I gave in to a cold one. It didn’t matter – BEST SHOWER EVER. Breakfast with new friends and the greatest coffee I have EVER tasted made for a beautiful morning.
We loaded into the vans and headed to the orphanage. I have two words: forever changed. My eyes well with tears just thinking about those kids. We had two and three of them clinging to us at one time. Their laughs, I wish I could bottle them up for all to hear.
After the orphanage, we came back for lunch before setting out on a walk through town to the Masindi Kitara Medica Centre. What a beautiful place. The work that has been done and continues here is unbelievable. They have inpatient, outpatient, labor and delivery and an operating room. Unreal. Now I know why our fundraising was so important.
After the medical center tour we came back to organize for our first day in the field tomorrow. We just now finished dinner and I am fixing to take another shower before bed. We have a big day tomorrow.
Unfortunately all of my pictures are on my camera, so you will have to wait on those. But I will leave you with this amazing moment that I experienced. During our 5 hour can ride from the hotel we would often find ourselves stopped on the road. At one point it was raining and we were stopped right outside the major village of Kampala. A family was sitting on the front porch and one of the little kids saw me looking out the window so he waved. When I waved back, he went crazy with excitement and started yelling “mzungu!” which is what they call people from America. Melted. My. Heart. Just one of the many amazing moments here. Follow our teams blog for pictures!

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