From RAW to RAWR

Putting my Africa reflection on hold for a hot second and giving you a little insight to my newest revelation…

RAW. It’s my new favorite word of 2014. Not raw as in uncooked veggies. Raw as in unfiltered, real and just being ok with the way things are (not how I want or wish them to be.)

It also just dawned on me that RAW very easily becomes RAWR. (Especially when my Boston accent kicks in and I end up adding an ‘r’ to the end of every word.) Katy Perry – RAWR… anyone? Think about it…

Some of us just sit back and let fear get in our way of taking risks so we sit quietly and literally let opportunities pass us by. Then we feel guilty, ashamed; start “should(ing)” all over ourselves.

What if we stood up to our fears… live the life we want. Maybe it pushes us down but what do we do? We get back up. You never know until you try, right?  Forget boundaries. Just go there. You can always come back down if it doesn’t work for you.

Be RAW and RAWR!

A new year brings about thoughts of resolutions. When I think of a resolution, I think of rules and how rules can be broken. This year I wanted something different. After a sweet little heart to heart with a shining light in my life and most miraculous mirror for me, Elli, I realized that I needed to be RAW with more people in my life. (Today E launched her new website and it is AMAZING. Show yourself some love and check her out.)

Love this lady and grateful for all she has taught me.

Love this lady and grateful for all she has taught me.

In being RAW – I have the ability to RAWR. So after our empowerment chat I came home, opened up my journal and decided that this year there are  no resolutions or rules. Just guidelines. A plan.

A plan to SOAR.

Simplify. After returning from Africa, I realized that happiness doesn’t come from things or excess. When we truly look at the lives we are given and are grateful for what we have, in this moment, we find happiness. It isn’t far off – family, friends, animals, our hOMe… So this year is all about changing my focus. Live simply and be happy.

Open-up. My eyes, my arms, my heart. Be RAW. By creating stories in my head, I create catastrophes and judgments that aren’t real. Then I close myself off. By opening up to the people I care about, I can relax and let go of the fear.  By opening my eyes to new things, I create opportunity. So at least once a month, I am trying something new. Stay tuned for that one. Wink wink…

Accept. This has always been a struggle for me. Acceptance of myself and the cards I have been dealt; knowing that other people’s words and actions are not a reflection of me. By accepting what is, I become empowered and who the hell is going to deny themselves empowerment?! Right?!

Release. So often I get caught up in what I cannot control; dwelling on it for hours, days, maybe even months. Sometimes I just need to By releasing the past and living here, in this moment I am saving energy and cultivating happiness. It’s time to stop abandoning what I do know and what I can control and release what no longer serves me.

So 2014, get ready to hear me RAWR. Nothing but big things this year. Onward and upward 🙂

I’m sure you’re itching to go ahead and listen to Katy Perry’s Roar now. You’re welcome.


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