My Fu*k It List

Disclaimer: A ‘curse’ word is repeated several if not 100 times over in this post – if you are easily offended by vulgar yet uplifting language… go no further…

You have been forewarned 🙂

*                    *                    *                    *                    *                    *

Recently, the phrase “fuck it” has become very common in my thoughts and words. It’s not what you think, I promise. Rather than say it in a derogatory or demeaning way, I think and say the phrase with excitement and positivity. Yes – this is possible.

As a kid, I know… we are taught that fuck is a ‘bad’ word and it still can be when you say it with the intention to be hurtful or mean. Let’s all be kind to one another and not do that hmm? Thank you, in advance.

In the world of one passionista and bad-ass woman, Elli, ‘fuck yeah!’ is a phrase of endearment and happiness. It’s downright awesome. Her words and excitement are so very contagious and so I find myself saying, “f-yeah!” A L L [THE] T I M E and I love it.

That brings me to my newest thing: saying, “fuck it!” when the appropriate opportunity to -live a little- arises.

Let’s be real here. Sometimes it just feels good to say it.

But it’s also about being in the moment; stopping what no longer serves me and doing what makes me fucking happy. What better way to elicit a response from your mind and body than to just yell, “fuck it!”

Am I right? Or am I right?!

So I started my ‘Fuck It List.’ It’s along the lines of a bucket list… No, it’s better; something for me to look at when I need a change, a leap of faith or to let go. The list is ever changing and evolving and meant to bring laughter, freedom, happiness and light into life.

You should make one – haven’t you heard? It’s the radical thing to do 🙂

*Laughing my ass off (This is not hard to do and you can ask my friends, I can literally put myself into a giggle attack for minutes at a time, end up in tears and be granted the greatest release… ever.)
*Skydiving (I’ve done it once and I plan to do it again)
*Saltwater (It’s true; sweat, tears or the ocean. Ex: there is nothing more liberating that screaming “Fuck It!” and running into the ocean in the middle of December.)
*Yoga (including but not limited to a class, home practice, face planting while practicing an inversion, legs up the wall, the list goes on…)
*Fresh flowers
*Splurging on a fancy dinner
*Random acts of kindness (Yesterday I gave a homeless man $2.00 and the instruction to use it wisely. He was grateful and my heart was satisfied.)
*Bike ride
*Treating myself to a pedicure or massage (Taking care of myself is a top priority, after all)

And just like the beat, my list goes on…

So what are you waiting for?! Get excited, be courteous and just… fuck it!


Lot’s of love.


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