Judgement Starts With Me

For so long I have struggled with judgment. And for so long I was convinced that it was all society’s fault – they way the looked, pointed and laughed. Until now.

The judgement… it starts with me. In judging myself, I am giving others permission to do the same. The parts of me that I have struggled so long to accept are what make me most vulnerable to any and all judgment.

A very wise woman once told me, “Practice is progress.” This practice, my practice of turning my own judgement into self-love, it is a lifetime practice. There’s no lying, it isn’t easy. When I get frustrated with my body, I judge and I question. Why? How? Since it’s always easier to place the blame on others, I have always used society as an easy way out. But it always begins with us.

Acceptance. Such a simple word, really. But the act of accepting – it can be downright difficult. SO difficult that I often find myself avoiding acceptance. Not just self acceptance, either. Sometimes it is difficult to accept a situation or another person.

Practice, practice, practice. Tired of hearing that word yet? Word choice is important. If I were to call this, turning my own judgment into love, anything negative, my practice of acceptance would be that much harder.

Now, I am not totally letting society off the hook, they are partially to blame with these high standards of what ‘perfect’ is. Perfectly imperfect is what I prefer. But in casting myself in a positive light, that light shines through to others. It’s contagious and people can’t help but see that bright light rather then the dark clouds of struggle and self-judgment.

For example, a few weeks ago, a friend and I were biking to a party in the park… Now to some people, my bike looks like a kids bike. But I love it. As my first ever road bike, I have ridden everywhere on it and it works. When I am riding, I don’t ever think to myself, “You look ridiculous on this thing. It’s so tiny…” Never. So as we were riding, a gentleman on his bike riding behind us started to laugh. When I turned around to see what he was laughing at and noticed that it was indeed me, he said, “Girl, your seat is so short! That’s a small bike!”

My friend just ignored him. I was about to do the same when my conscience told me, “No.” So I slowed down until I was riding next to him, “Sir, why is that funny?” And he repeated exactly what he said before. So I responded with my question again, this time a little louder and more stern. At that point he looked at me and said, “I’m sorry.” Just like that.

By removing my own negative views of my ‘little’ road bike I was able to step into my power and stand up for myself. The more I find myself removing any and all judgments that I make regarding my body or the way I have to do things a little bit differently, the easier I find it to stand up for myself and the less I have to actually do so.

Remove your judgment and replace it with acceptance.

With acceptance comes perseverance. With perseverance comes growth. With growth comes more love.

Accept. Persevere. Grow.



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