Empower Every Body


This went live on Monday.

And it got me thinking about the representation of body types today in the media, especially magazines.

Although the media has come a long way, we aren’t there yet. Progress can be seen within the dwarfism community, LPA, where they hold fashion shows and other events geared towards individuals with short stature which is amazing. But why do we have to be singled out into our own special ‘category’?

Connection isn’t always made by exemplifying strengths and exhibiting these ideas of perfection. Sometimes they are made by revealing our weaknesses, challenges and failures. Authenticity cannot always be bought or airbrushed. So why do we continue to do it?

Real disability comes from our attitudes and perceptions which are greatly influenced by the media. Imagine what would happen if major companies like Victoria’s Secret or Under Armour were to place myself and others, with perceived ‘flaws’, in their ads. By erasing these boundaries of separation and celebrating beauty on all ends of the spectrum society can continue to change the definition of beautiful and get rid of this idea of perfection, empowering every body.

Just a though for FRIYAY!

**Two days after this article went live, I received an email from The Mighty about doing a live Facebook video as a contributor. It will be the night before my surgery on the 16th as a Q&A/Night Before where I talk about going in for another procedure, etc. I’m nervous and excited.

Meet me on The Mighty Facebook page Tuesday August 16th at 7pm EST! Can’t wait!


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