For fifteen years I have stood by and defended my decision to go through with the lengthening procedures. It was a personal decision that gained support from my family and friends. My reasoning? Limb lengthening was going to add over a foot of height to my legs, yes, I cannot deny that. But that was … Continue reading Taboo?

Bedtime Gratitude

Gratitude. The first word that comes to mind after an extraordinary day. It all started by trying something new: Bikram Yoga. I've heard about it and stuck my nose up at it. But this morning, I caved and practiced alongside two wonderful friends. It was exhilarating. Something new. I have never sweat so much in … Continue reading Bedtime Gratitude

True Story

True Story: While visiting with Jojo, the little boy I met whilst living in WPB, and some other Paley patients I was approached by a woman. She, her daughter and grandson were just visiting south Florida. They had taken note of all the Paley patients at the hotel with external fixators and various diagnoses. "Can … Continue reading True Story