I have had the privilege of knowing Kristen, both as a motivational speaker and as a friend, over the past two years, and she is truly a remarkable human being. As a teacher at Palm Beach Day Academy, a Pre-K-9th private, independent school, I am privileged to hear many different speakers that are brought to our school, but I can say with complete confidence that Kristen was one of the top presenters in my 15-year tenure at PBDA.

Her ability to make her story both relatable and inspiring for students and faculty alike was truly amazing. I do not believe a single member of the PBDA community left the assembly that day without a smile on his or her face. Likewise, Kristen made sure create connections in her presentation to our school’s mission and character education program, thus hitting home a far more powerful message for our students. There is no doubt in my mind that ANYONE, in school or out, could benefit from hearing this young woman’s story, and I can only hope that my own children grow up to have half the drive, positivity, and heart of Kristen in the future.

Jan-Marie Cook
Palm Beach Day Academy
Palm Beach, FL


I am a School Counselor at a private, independent Catholic elementary school in Nashville, Tennessee. We were connected with Kristen through a family at our school who have a third grade daughter with Achondroplasia. Kristen came to speak to our entire student body in April 2019. Rarely have we had an assembly or speaker that has made such an impact on all of our students and faculty!

Kristen spoke genuinely and truthfully about her experience as a person with Achondroplasia. She shared her story with our students, offered insight about how they can approach people with differences and what it feels like to be a kid with physical adversity. Her message went far beyond Achondroplasia to a message of love, acceptance, anti-bullying, and self-worth. I can’t think of a better message for our students to hear!Our students range in age from preK- 8th grade and every student was riveted by Kristen and her message. I would recommend Kristen highly to every school or organization with children or adolescents. Honestly, I would recommend her for every age and walk of life. The message of overcoming adversity and finding a way to love yourself and love others no matter what they look like and who they are is universal. What a special person and experience! Thank you Kristen for sharing your message and gifts with St. Bernard Academy.

Seraphine Schomber
School Counselor
St. Bernard Academy
Nashville, TN