The Book

For author Kristen DeAndrade, it doesn’t matter how long your legs are. You can only take one step at a time. Born with achondroplasia, dwarfism, she chronicles her personal journey of facing challenges and breaking barriers in Little Legs, Big Heart. Through diary entries from her childhood journal, combined with a humorously, honest narrative, she shares her sheer determination growing up in the face of adversity and undergoing multiple medical procedures, including extended limb lengthening, which she opted to brave at the age of twelve. Narrating both the physical and emotional challenges, DeAndrade offers a look at her strength in facing her challenges head on in a story filled with both integrity and interminable sass. Little Legs, Big Heart journeys through tears, laughter, devastation, and hope as it tells about a girl on a mission to find her identity. It gives a new perspective on life’s challenges and shows the world how to meet the varied demands of life with grit and grace.

My memoir is also available for purchase through:

Barnes and Noble
Balboa Press

Big love. Big dreams. Baby steps.

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