Happy Holidays For Sure

I am now a little over two weeks post-op and I can finally breathe a sigh of relief. That first week after surgery was an unexpected week from hell. Four days after surgery I drove myself back home to Charleston and I don’t even remember the trip. However, I am very lucky that I didn’t have a pain crisis en route because right after I returned to the Lowcountry I was in constant pain 24/7. The following day I gave in and took the Tramadol and about an hour later, I had an allergic reaction. My next best alternative was Tylenol; we all know by now that taking Tylenol is like drinking water for me. Over the next week I had no choice but to stay in bed all day because walking, standing and having my foot down at all was extremely painful. That weekend, the swelling began to go down enough so that I could get the removable cast on. The cast gave me enough support that I was able to hobble around the house a little bit. Gradually I became more mobile with the cast but only for short intervals because of the pain. Walking with the cast off was near impossible. The pain was so bad that standing up just to take a shower was excruciating. A week and a half after the rush rod went in, I was still struggling so I finally got in touch with Servando. He gave me permission to take an anti-inflammatory for three days to help with the swelling; and HELP they did. I noticed a difference immediately. The swelling went down and the pain finally started to ease up. Hallelujah!

As of now, I find myself walking without the cast, still limping a little bit but that will get better too. The pain is minimal and my foot doesn’t look like it got put through the wringer.

Happy Holidays 🙂


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