Slow Down

One of the most difficult things that I had to adjust to when I moved to Charleston eight years ago was the slower way of life. I never imagined that the speed in which I was living my life could actually change. How true it is though. In fact, we can change anything about our lives that we want to; we are in control.

Being from Boston, they don’t call us “massholes” for nothing, trust me. Getting doors slammed in your face is normal, please(s) and thank you(s) don’t find there way into an everyday conversation often, strangers making eye contact with one another is creepy and you have to run or speed everywhere you go. Pretty much, for the first 18 years of my life, I was living in fast forward. But when I moved south, I found the pause button and then resumed my life at a much slower more loving pace. Thank goodness.

I know what you’re thinking; yeah right Kristen, whatever you say. But everyday I find myself moving slower and slower and savoring the little moments more often. It didn’t happen at the drop of a hat, over the course of my eight years living here becoming accustomed to this change in pace has been very gradual. Back in college I had to get used to the fact that most guys actually hold the door for you, random people do in fact ask how you’re doing in passing on the sidewalk, no matter my young age older folks are always going to refer to me as ma’am and people here in the South don’t use the left lane on the highway as a passing lane. Some of these things, especially when it comes to driving, are still difficult to accept graciously but at the end of the day I truly am grateful for it all.

Currently I am still learning how I can slow things down. When I first learned that I could ask for what I wanted, take a step back and STFD (slow the eff down) I immediately thought to myself, “How the hell am I supposed to do that.” Well let me tell you that often, I find myself more in control of the time than I would like to admit to. Often I will close my eyes and just ask that time slow down, take a breath, open my eyes and move on. For the mornings that I accidentally wake up thirty minutes before I need to leave for work it really comes into play. Many of those mornings, when I utilize this tool, I am able to get ready for work, pack my lunch and arrive to work on time. The bonus? I don’t look like I just rolled out of bed 🙂

Next time you find that time is flying by just ask for it to slow down. In fact, start asking for whatever you want. We are the creators of our lives. Take the time, slow down and ask for what you want.


You are 🙂

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