Last week, six year old Tommy Morrissey, otherwise known as the one arm golfer, paid a visit to The Paley Institute with his mom Marsha. Tommy was born with only a part of his right arm and began showing interest in golf at the age of eighteen months. And trust me, this kid has talent. [Watching him slam golf balls made me miss the meditative moments I’d had on the driving range.]

After watching a segment that he and his parents were featured on, he and his mom answered some questions from the crown of patients and their parents who were crowded in the physical therapy gym at the Paley Institute. As they began to wrap up, I couldn’t handle it any longer and I raised my hand.

“How do you guys deal with bullying?” I asked.

I was curious. Did it even happen to Tommy? Mom explained that he went to a smaller school where he was well known by all the kids. In public, he got a lot of questions and stares. Of course. And as I have always said, I’d rather the opportunity to educate. It made my heart really happy to hear Marsha say that Tommy hadn’t experienced a whole lot of cruel actions and/or words from others.

The unLIMBited Foundation set up by Tommy and his parents along with The Paley Foundation has become the main source of financial assistance for patients and their families who are undergoing treatment at The Paley Institute.

Here in front of me stood a six year old boy and his Mom who were doing HUGE things. So, why aren’t I capable of doing something similar?

I am. And I feel as though I am well on my way; closer than I have ever been.

After their presentation was finished, Marsha came up to me and introduced herself. We began talking and I couldn’t help but feel drawn to her and the work she is doing. Even more, everything stemmed from a story; Tommy’s story. He is unLIMBited and so am I.

That night I went home and reached out to a woman that I have been contemplating making a connection with for awhile. Originally a TV personality, she currently teaches yoga at the studio I manage. Beautiful inside and out, Chelsea is well versed with photography and web design. With everything revolving around my last procedure, that has me feeling anything but productive, and a few recent speaking opportunities that life has handed me, I felt an itch to reach out to a creative soul and get some new photos taken. The last shoot I did was more than three years ago and a lot has changed since then.

Let me just point out that I don’t particularly enjoy the process. I am all kinds of awkward and tend to keep my eyes closed more often that I have them open. At the same time, photo shoots are a really good practice of self love and telling yourself how beYOUtiful you are.


Bottom line: Chelsea and I played around for about an hour in the studio after she taught and the results are more than I could ask for. So amazing that the fire under my ass has been reignited, I am talking to an editor about my book and I have Chels on board to do the cover design.

As I have been saying for awhile, “It doesn’t matter how long your legs are, you can only take one step at a time.” On Sunday, alongside Tommy, his parents and my Paley Institute fam, I participated in a 5K as part of The Palm Beach Marathon. It kicked my behind and was a HUGE accomplishment. So, naturally, brunch followed the event and a few of us put new meaning to the phrase, “Rose All Day.” [insert eye roll emoji here]

unLIMBited. My story is worth telling and it is something that I have wanted to do for a long time. So it has become a priority [along with healing] to make that happen. The when and how(s) are s l o w l y coming together.



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