A Memoir

I did it. Twenty years in the making and it finally happened. I published my memoir.

After the editorial phase, everything seemed to move at lightning speed. And then, two weeks ago, I found myself staring at the final contracts for publication that I needed to sign to make it official.

Most of the book is written from my perspective as a 12-16 year old girl. When I was younger, I began using writing as an outlet. I had multiple diaries that I would journal in about experiences, both positive and negative. It was a way for me to process, let go of or enjoy the moments I chose to record. When I began the limb lengthening procedures, it was amazing to be how few resources and support systems there were for people, especially kids, with dwarfism or those who were undergoing major surgery. There was a piece of my heart that always felt lead to share my journey in book form. And here we are.

My personal story is vastly different from anyone else’s AND I also believe that there are many parallels. Life is a constant fluctuation of the ups and the downs. No matter what our own story is, we all climb mountains to the highest peak and find ourselves on a slippery slope leading us down to settle in a valley. Life isn’t always easy. What I do believe is that things happen for us and not to us, even when it doesn’t feel that way. I have chosen to be open with my journey in hopes of someone, even if it is just one person, feeling a little less alone after reading about it.

You can purchase the book on Amazon or Barnes and Noble and it is also available for your kindle.

And I would love to hear your feedback!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.



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