Oh The Pain

Last night I suffered some of the worst pain yet. We weren’t sure what was causing it and Dad was kneeling at the end of my bed rubbing my left foot, this seemed to be the only way to ease the pain. Finally it got to the point that I got on the phone with Servando. He instructed me to back up my turns and take more pain medicine. He then scheduled me for a clinic appointment at 9am the next morning. After taking quite a few pain pills, I finally fell asleep only to wake up again around 5am. The pain was still just as bad. Dr. Chris Fougere, from New Zealand, also known as Dr. So-hott at St. Mary’s popped in to see how I was doing and suggested that it was probably soft tissue the was aggravated by all the turning. Nevertheless we ventures to clinic. After the 7th x-ray John ran down to the OR to talk to Dr. P and see what he thought. In the end we didn’t really get anywhere. They gave me stronger pain meds and told me to keep them posted.

Because of all the pain, pool therapy was not as enjoyable. Jen at physical therapy gave me one of the private rooms because I was in so much pain it brought me to tears. After an hour of massage and stretching I felt a little but better but I knew that I still had to make my turns once I got home.

It all went downhill from there. While dad was filling my percocet prescription I started my turns. Within minutes I was in excruciating pain in my left leg. by far the worst I have ever felt, ever. I popped a muscle relaxer and then one more pain med but was still in tears. After talking to Elli (bless her heart) and just letting lose over the phone I felt better emotionally. This was something I would get through. Once dad got back we began to ice my leg down and I took one more pain pill. Finally, a small amount of relief. I could breathe. As for now, the ice is helping and I am going to stay on top of my meds. I am praying that this doesn’t turn out to be pre-consolidation or a tethered periosteum. I want nothing to do with another trip to the OR. My head is up and tomorrow will be better. (Huge sigh)

Sweet dreams all.

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