Oh Snap

What a wonderful week with the girls. Aynsley, Elizabeth and Jess came up from Charleston and made my life paradise for a week. Never have I laughed that much since surgery in March. It was just amazing. We caused some serious trouble up in Maine and I wouldn’t have changed it for the world. The rules may have been bent just a little bit 😉 There was no way I wasn’t going swimming in the lake. But I assure all that I was very careful in doing so. The week flew by and I am still sad that they left.

Our new favorite game: Sharky McForty Fins. In honor of Shark Week 2011

My happiness was short lived. Monday after returning from my amazing vacation, I was standing at the counter making myself dinner when something in my right leg snapped. Not only did I feel it, I could hear it too. I know what you’re thinking… “Oh snap.” The pain soon followed to the point that I couldn’t even walk on it. Immediately I got on the phone to try and get in touch with Dr. Paley. The woman at the call center was not very cooperative making the whole situation so much worse. Eventually John, one of the PAs, called me back. He wanted me to get an x-ray immediately; the prescription was being emailed to me. Well that wasn’t working out so well because the medical center closed in 30 minutes and I still hadn’t received the script. So we hopped in the car and I tried to get a message to John to have the script faxed. Yeah, that didn’t exactly happen either. Dad and I waited in radiology and no script was faxed. Fail. I would have to wait until morning. Of course we get home and there is the script in my email, the one time I really wished I had a smart phone!

The next morning I went back to radiology and go the x-rays. We overnighted them to West Palm Beach and they would get there by Wednesday. So yesterday (Wednesday) I limped into therapy. Thank God I have the most amazing support group there. Flo, my therapist that day and one of the sweetest women I know, just sat and listened, while I lay on the table sobbing. The pain was just getting to me and I couldn’t take it anymore. All I needed was someone to listen and that was exactly what Flo did. As an added bonus, I got one of the most amazing hugs after my treatment. Several friends got me through that day, as it was one of the roughest in quite some time. But it came to my attention that maybe I need something more; chronic pain counseling. Although I hate to admit that this is necessary, I would be lying to myself saying that it isn’t. My search continues for the right place and I hope that it need only be temporary.

Here I sit on the computer, Thursday night, and I still haven’t heard anything. I know for a fact the x-rays arrived after confirming with one of the secretaries. Frustrated doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel. From what I could see on the scans, my right leg still isn’t healed. I don’t think that there is any trauma to the bone but there is definitely something going on with the soft tissue. At this point, I will voluntarily go down for a bone graft. Whatever it is going to take to speed up this healing process.

Take care of yourself. Do whatever it takes.

So much love.

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