First Night Blues

First night at the hotel was anything but a success. I think I slept maybe 4 hours. All I wanted to do was roll onto my side or my stomach and curl up. Clearly not possible with these lovely contraptions. Haven’t had pain medicine since 2 o’clock yesterday afternoon. The nausea just isn’t worth it to me. Hopefully we can get a prescription for something different.

As a result of being intubated during surgery my right upper lip was swollen and numb afterwards. To be expected. But now my whole mouth is swollen with what seem to be extremely painful canker sores. Not sure where this came from. I have never had one of these in my life and now I have a mouth full of them. Eating and drinking have proven to be a bit difficult. All I can say is that I hope this teeny little $20.00 tube of Abreva better work.

Today is already off to a better start. After realizing that it was just going to be an early morning and I wasn’t going to find anymore sleep I did find something else. I had a message from a friend on my cell phone. She was also awake and we talked for almost an hour. It was so nice to find someone on the other end this morning, especially after such a struggle last night. I am so blessed to have her in my life. She is simply wonderful.

So I have no expectations for today. Anything that happens, I will deal with it in the now. My thoughts cannot change what today brings but they can change my feelings. I am not going to fight anything that happens, just take each moment as they come.

What I will look forward to is tomorrow. Tomorrow is the day I can shower, finally.


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